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Memmingen Train Station in Memmingen City, part of the German state of Bavaria, had two predecessors that opened in 1862; the Buchloe–Memmingen and the Leutkirch–Memmingen railways, which linked the Neu-Ulm–Kempten railway (Iller Valley Railway) in the city.

The train route from Munich to Zurich from Memmingen station was planned to be upgraded for tilting and electrified trains.

Memmingen Station was designed to be accessible due to public demand. Various sectors have sought another railway stop at School Center West for 3,500 students for some time.

The railway station is located in the city center of Memmingen on the eastern edge of the historic town between Kalch and Lindentor Street. Maximilian Street starts outside the train station to Bahnhof Street on the facility's west side.

Going north, there is a pedestrian subway pass to Augsburger Strasse, and to the south is Gaswerk Street across the railway tracks over an iron bridge.

Memmingen station is about 5km away from the Memmingen Airport.

The rate for train tickets varies depending upon the passenger’s destination.